pursue perfection and excellence at
every stage...

Diacore, a multinational company, has diversified interests in the diamond industry providing rough and polished diamonds to customers around the world. The company has manufacturing facilities in Botswana, South Africa, Namibia and New York and has established its leadership in crafting rare, exceptional diamonds as well as unique high- end jewelry. The 203.04 carats De Beers Millennium Star and the magnificent Pink Star – a 59.60 carat flawless fancy vivid pink diamond – are a few among many famous diamonds created by Diacore.

Why Diacore

more than seven decades of being major players in the diamond industry.

The Diacore brand encapsulates a philosophy of making diamonds our core competence. It drives the company to pursue perfection and excellence at every stage of the diamond manufacturing process - from mining rough diamonds to polishing, marketing and retail of our diamonds/diamond jewellery and all related services.

Our ability to unlock the hidden beauty in the rough and creating spectacular polished diamonds has been long established. It takes several months, sometimes years of planning, to craft a perfect diamond from its rough form. The master craftsmen at Diacore continue the tradition of creating one-of-a-kind diamonds that include the De Beers Millennium Star, 88.22 carat Oval diamond and the Pink Dream.