The company purchased its largest stone in 1988. Named The Eternal Light, after being polished an 85.91-carat, D colour, internally flawless diamond. By 1990, Diacore was established as a reputed player in large stones adding on creations such as the 203.04 carat, flawless, pear-shaped De Beers Millennium Star, the 27.64 carat, fancy vivid blue Heart of Eternity, the 100.01 carat pear shape Star of the Season, the largest heart shape 200.07 carat, internally flawless La Luna, the 14 carat, pear shaped Blue Empress and most recently the 59.60 carat, internally flawless, fancy vivid pink, oval cut Pink.

"The most beautiful diamond‚ ever seen.”

It is this proven track record that prompted De Beers to entrust it with the challenge of creating, in the words of the late chairman of De Beers, Harry Oppenheimer, “the most beautiful diamond‚ ever seen” – the De Beers Millennium Star. And it is this speciality that makes Diacore creators of the world’s finest diamonds.